The GamersNexus Modmat was designed by our team for use in tear-downs, PC builds, and enthusiast projects. The modmat is a 4' x 2' surface, using anti-static, rubberized material that stays in place and protects your components from electro-static discharge with its included common ground point and anti-static wrist strap. The rubber underside prevents the mat from moving on the table, and the mat's rubberized surface helps protect your table (and your components) from damage during system builds. We are currently accepting pre-orders for the modmat, and intend to ship the first batch in January, 2018. This period will allow us to figure out how many to make. These mats are large (at 4' x 2') and their weight speaks to the high material quality, at roughly 4 lbs. The modmat is not intended for use as a mousing surface; however, we have found that it works as one -- it's a mix between a "grippy" and "smooth" surface.

The Modmat is presently only available for pre-order. We are aiming to ship the mats out in late January or very early February. Likely late January.



The GamersNexus Modmat includes a free male common ground point (10mm stud, 6' cable) with two banana plugs, compatible with our included anti-static wrist strap. Static electricity will be grounded through the wrist strap, dispersed through the inner layer of the mat, and grounded to the wall through the common ground point. The ground point has a metal loop on the end that loops around the ground pin for a power plug, and the mat-side uses a female 10mm receptacle. The included US ground point and wrist strap are a $20 value. The ground point is compatible with standard US 3-prong outlets. Adapters can be used for other outlet types, or the mat can be used without the common ground. Alternatively, common ground endings can be attached to metal objects to disperse static-electricity.


Power Connector Pin-out

Our Modmat includes a pin-out diagram for the terminating device-end of power supply cables, supplying quick reference material for 12V rails (for easy current clamping or monitoring), 5V rails, and jump start pins on the 24-pin connector. We also included wiring diagrams for 6-pin and 8-pin PCIe and EPS12V cables, with peripheral wiring diagrams including 4-pin MOLEX and SATA data and power cables. If you ever need to take a multimeter to your cables to check for continuity or voltage, the GN Modmat will make it easy.


Screw Organizer Tray

The left side of our mat offers a video card silhouette for easy screw tracking during mod projects, like hybrid mods or GPU tear-downs. This makes it easier to mentally track where the screws go when re-assembling the part, and is even sized roughly accurately to real video card sizes. We positioned the screw organizer on the left of the mat for distance from the grounding point, helping ensure the cable never interferes with screw tracking and organization.

The mat includes a ground point (10mm female snap) that connects with our included common ground point, ensuring all static-electricity has a direct path to ground from you and the mat.

The mat includes a ground point (10mm female snap) that connects with our included common ground point, ensuring all static-electricity has a direct path to ground from you and the mat.

Our Modmat uses high-quality materials that ensure a strong grip on the components, the surface, and a sturdy material to protect your underlying tables. The Modmat is built to endure multiple system builds and PC DIY projects, and is a product we built first for ourselves: We will be using this in daily disassembly and reassembly of parts and computers, and we hope you're as excited about it as we are.